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Granite Countertops Ashburn, VA | Floor & Design |

Granite Countertops

granite countertops

Elegance, strength and durability are just some of the appealing characteristics of granite countertops. As one of the oldest, hardest, natural stones available, homeowners continually fall in love with the beauty of granite countertops as there are hundreds of patterns to choose from.

The looks provided by granite are quite diverse, as symbolic traits such as strength and longevity are combined with a sleek, rich feel.

Where Does Granite Come From?

The term “granite” is Latin in origin, coming from the word “granum”, which means “grain”.  Granite is born as a molten mass of magma and as it cools deep within the earth, it forms into the rock granite that we know. True granite is comprised of different minerals such as silicates, feldspar, and most importantly, quartz.

Granite As A Counter Top

Generally speaking, granite is an easy stone to live with. When compared to marble, granite usually will not etch. It is also more resistant to the acids such as those found in cleaning products, vinegar, and lemons. The stone is so durable that it won’t scratch even when it is used for cutting directly on. Items from ordinary kitchen usage including utensils, appliances, and keys won’t scratch it either. Granite is also resistant to heat, as it can withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

When compared to limestone and marble countertops, granite also has a lower water absorption rate. While it is common practice to seal some granite countertops, darker stones are often left unsealed. This is because the darker stones are made up of smaller, finer crystals, making it difficult for any liquids to penetrate it. However, when it comes to lighter granites, they are usually sealed because the crystals are larger. Hence, liquids have an easier time in penetrating the surface.

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